You’ve Got All The Time In The World?

 I was at a family function recently which was a great gathering of the clan.

There were relatives that I see every week, ones that I see at least once a year and also the ones that I see once every major family gathering (every decade by my maths/memory).

The party was going well, the hog roast was browning nicely and the wine had started to flow. Conversation invariably turned to what the kids were up to now and on discovering what I do for a living I was tapped on the shoulder and told, “you have to make me thin”.

I turned and smiled (6 year old Michael always smiles when told he has to do something!).

I replied, “I will help you help you when you let me know that you’re ready to help yourself”.

I was met with a puzzled gaze and told that there were not enough hours in the day for that, too busy to exercise, no time to enjoy anything as they were too busy looking after everyone else.

So at this point I invited them to imagine if they will now a screen in front of them.

On this screen project an image, not any old image but an image of a point in time on this day. See themselves in the image with all the sights, sounds, people, places that were around them then.

Now step a little bit further back from the screen and notice how the events of the previous week become clear, almost as if you were seeing a film strip unfolding with the movie of your life on it… step a little bit further back and notice how much of your life unfolds.

Rewind the picture back to a point in your life when you’d like to begin from….. now play the movie forward to now…. Taking time to notice all the time you kept yourself busy for everyone else….

Are you back to here now?


 Now rewind the movie back to the same point as before and notice what’s missing, take time to notice how much time you’re not doing anything for you….. how much time you had for you but for many reasons you choose to fill that time with something else…

Are you back here now?


Now notice that your movie runs forward in time too…. Take time to play your movie forward and notice how little time you made for yourself then not doing anything for you…  all the time you spent on everyone but you.. go as far into the future as you wish press pause then rewind the movie all the way back to now…

Are you here now?


Now run your movie for one last time…. all the way forward for many, many, many years into the future to the point where the end credits are playing and the theme tune of your life is fading out…

looking back from then to now taking all the time you want to notice how much of your life you didn’t spend on you…

“How heavy does that make you feel now?” I asked.

Please feel free to make a comment and pass this on :-) 

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2 Responses to “You’ve Got All The Time In The World?”

  1. Diane Shane-Stone
    July 25, 2011 at 22:31 #

    Interesting comment my younger brother. Remember, I train the body, you train the mind, somewhere the 2 paths must cross. I however, am a working mother of 2 and believe me if you lived my life for 1 day you would understand time is scarce for most women. I do however agree with your mental training, it works for me, I just wish you could magic me a servant, cleaner, shopper….PS I am not the person in question…..Love you bro, I need you to come and mind train my bootcamp ladies..xx

    • Profile photo of Michael
      July 27, 2011 at 19:06 #

      I can confirm that you are not the person in question :-)

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