Talent Management

The Talent Management Programme is a bespoke programme written with you with your organisation as the core focus. Each programme last for approximately 12 months and is bespoke to your organisation.

Stage 1 consists of our expert consultants designing and delivering to you a succession and talent management plan for your organisation with suggested routes and course that will address the current and future needs of your organisation.

Stage 2 is the design and delivery of effective learning interventions from class room sessions to one to one coaching with quality and transference of skills as the core focus of each session.

The delivery of this stage generally takes up to 12 months of nurturing and inspiring the students on the programme with return on investment and embedding the learning as key messages.

Each student will have a ‘live’ project to work on throughout with a final assessment or presentation at the end of the programme. Your talent will benefit from experience and knowledge from their facilitators and also companies and facilitators from around the globe. 

Why manage your Talent?


How much have you spent on the following over the last 3 years?

  • Recruitment advertising
  • Application sifting
  • Selection Centres
  • Interview facilities
  • HR man hours
  • Recruitment Agency Fees
  • Induction training
  • In-house training
  • External training

How many times have you repeated the process for the same roles when someone ‘wasn’t quite right for the role’ or someone has retired or found a challenge elsewhere?

How many times have you invested in and arranged training for a whole team, department or company to find that the even though the knowledge has increased slightly the skills and attitude remain in the drawer with the course handouts?

Industries across the globe are leaking money on a massive scale through lack of recognition, lack of foresight or maybe even just not realising the talent that they have to nurture and grow from within. Invest in the potential that you have by creating a path which will feed ambition.

Carefully encourage the shoots of experience to grow or pollinate the buds of knowledge to enable talent at every level of your company to blossom and your organisation to bloom.  

How do you spot talent?

Our qualified and experienced Associates will work with you and your HR Team to create your Talent Management Plan. Every organisation has an employee that ‘if they could just bottle what xxx has and give it to every employee’ they’d make a fortune!

Our Associates will create a Model of Excellence using psychometric testing to measure the attitudes and motivators of your current high performing staff and create a model for your company.

Working together incorporating your business plan, needs and strategy we will create a talent management and succession plan which will run through the entire root of your organisation.

From identifying current talent to the next generation of future stars we will present you with your own pathway to career success for your organisation.

How Talent Management works for your business?

Increase staff engagement Increase staff retention Increase staff satisfaction Decrease cost of recruitment Decrease your key staff moving to competitors.

Have the right staff, in the right role, at the right time

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