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 Sales, Sales, Sales!

In a world-wide recession we are seeing company after company closing their doors and leaving massive gaps in the proverbial high street which is covered in boarded up windows.

Slashing prices and discounting appears to be the business model that companies are following. As you know this road has the potential to de-value the stock or the company offering as the ‘eternal sales’ poster decorates the windows on a permanent basis.

Margins are squeezed as the footfall may increase but the costs are the same and the profits are squeezed. Staff redundancies follow, the amount of work stays the same with reduced numbers so the remaining staff become disenchanted, exhausted and stressed!

Our business model is simple, Manage, Communicate, Sell.

Invest in training the right people, the right thing at the right time and watch your return on investment grow as your staff become response able and your customers become more valued than before. 

When we approach sales we look at the process of selling, the emotions of selling and the art of selling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the role of the salesperson, if you’ve been selling for years or even if you’ve got sales running through your blood there’s something in our courses that will spark the passion for selling that is within us all.

Example Courses:

An introduction to sales and selling

This course is for anyone who’s new to selling and the concept of sales. On The course you will learn

·         The definition of sales

·         The process of sales

·         How to sell without selling

In-Depth Selling

This course is for you if you currently work in sales and are looking to:

·         Refresh your knowledge on the definition and process of selling

·         Review your current sales techniques

·         Understand the emotions of selling and your unconscious buying and selling motivators

Ultimate Selling Machine

This training course is for you if you are looking to develop and evolve yourself in the art of sales. The course is for individuals or teams who are looking to really make themselves or their company stand out from the crowd.

This course is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to really understanding your customer, building your brand, service and reputation.

Absolutely superb, hugely interesting and perfectly delivered. I feel inspired! Andrew, Sage

‘Absolutely amazing. Never experienced anything like it that had such an impact in such short a timescale’.  Emma, Sage

All of our sales training courses are available to be delivered in house and are bespoke to your organisation. We do offer the courses on an open basis with dates to be published and confirmed shortly.

Please contact us for more information as we’re looking forward to hearing from you!






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