Personal Development

Who needs personal development

Good question… and one that I get asked frequently.

My answer is always the same.. How do you know when your brake lights aren’t working?

You may notice by chance as you look in the mirror and notice that all the lights aren’t on or that something has changed in the reflection or you might not notice at all until it’s too late and you’ve been stopped in your tracks.

I love personal development and make sure that I am coached in both my professional and personal life. We are infinite powerful beings who constantly work at both a conscious and unconscious level.

Every now and again something happens that takes us out of the unconscious paths that we’ve been walking and makes us sit up, look about and listen to the surroundings that we never noticed were there until then.

This could be a change in career, forced or voluntary…. it could be a relationship change or perhaps simply the realisation that your brake light isn’t working…. This is why every now and again I invest my time in me and seek out colleagues, mentors and friends to help me, help me.

I have delivered and worked as a business coach since 2003 and as a qualified NLP Practitioner since 2008 and as a Master Practitioner since 2009. I’ve an existing client base and have worked with a lovely range of people covering many different areas. From phobias to confidence issues, allergies, addictions, stress, depression and eating disorders all my clients have one thing in common…

They all realised that something needed something and they needed someone to help fix their brake light!

So… I’ll leave you with a lovely thought from Albert Einstien…

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results 


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