Communication is what really separates Human Beings from the rest of the food chain.

We’ve developed a complex method of communicating to each other, we’ve translated it into many languages and even created languages within each other in the form of dialects!

Amazing when you think that it’s the power of words that can make or break anything from the simplest discussion to global peace talks!

We offer a range of communication courses that will change the way you consider and use communication not only in your work life but your professional life too!

How does your company communicate?

Internal Communication

How many times have you experienced a meeting which you’ve managed, spoke very clearly and implicitly and given ‘water tight’ expectations to everyone in your team/department/company?

1/3 of the room follow the instructions to the letter, 1/3 follow the instructions a couple of times then go off on a tangent 1/3 ask ‘what was the middle bit?’

Yet 100% of the room all nodded their heads when you asked the question.. ‘Do you know what I mean!’

Good communication comes from within..

On our courses you’ll learn

·         How you communicate with you

·         The power of words and their potential to motivate/de-motivate you and your staff

·         How to give your message once in many ways that everyone can follow and understand

·         How to deliver exceptional customer service to all your internal customers

External Communication

Many companies spend many £££’s on re-branding, pretty pictures, new letterhead, slogans , visions and values that look really good on the office wall but don’t really cut it in the ‘real world’.

Does your company recognise how it communicates with your customers?

Does your company understand how it detracts customers almost as effortlessly as it attracts customers in every communication that it releases?

On our courses you’ll learn

·         How your customers communicate

·         How your offering can attract everyone

·         How you can provide exceptional customer service to all of your customers

·         How you can increase your effectiveness in complaint handling

Please contact us for more information as we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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