To Drink Or Not To Drink….

That is the question! I need your help! I am so confused!

Three days ago the day started like any other. An alarm that’s supposed to sound like a harp cut through my dream like a saw, I wandered into the kitchen looking like a pirate who’d lost his eye patch and sat down to a bowl of dust (muesli) with a chopped banana on top and a glass of orange juice (with the bits in!). I like to start the day by casting an eye over the news first thing in the morning to get an idea of what might be happening in the world around me and on this day I nearly sprayed my juicy bits all over my laptop!

I read this article on this BBC News Website and suddenly added milk to my cereal instead of Sauvignon Blanc. I spent the day in panic, my lifestyle changed, I started to drink…. water vowing never ever to touch fruit juice again!  (Wine = grapes = fruit = my logic) 24 hours later the harps dragged my out of my slumber once again and I made the not so long trek into my kitchen only to be confronted by this story on the BBC News Website.

Imagine my panic, if this was true then my poor heart must be stressed as it’s had no alcohol at all for at least a day!  All those wasted months at the gym when I should’ve been drinking in ‘moderation’ (still don’t know where that bar or place is but I will find it one day!) I spent all that day not really knowing if I should or shouldn’t, could or couldn’t, would or wouldn’t and I went to bed a very troubled man. This morning I punched the blooming harps, staggered into the kitchen and the answer came to me in a flash……..

I’ve stopped reading the ‘news’…….. :-)

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