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I love exceptional customer service! I love it on many levels;

  • As a customer
  • As a service provider
  • As a trainer

I love the feeling that unlike poor service, exceptional customer service is unconscious and it’s occasionally later or never really at all when you look back and think, ‘Hey, that place/person deserves a mention’, it just happens.

Now, if you’ve read some of my previous blogs then you’ll have noticed that I do like to make a public statement when service has astounded me. I was totally astounded this week when I received my monthly mobile phone bill and saw that I had overspent by £30!!!! I was so astounded that I actually rang O2 to question the bill and potentially protest with great vigour and I had the pleasure of speaking to Lesley. She took all the time I needed to go through my bill and highlight the areas of my overspend (yip, it was my fault!). She was so good at looking after me I even asked her a question, which, when making an initial complaint call I don’t normally do. I like to rant, breathe, rant some more then hang up with a sense of satisfaction.

Lesley was so good at her job that I listened to her up-sell, politely declined but listened all the same and I EVEN found myself complimenting her on her job, professionalism and the companies website which is probably the most user friendly that I’ve come across and I’ve been a customer for years.

After half an hour on the phone with my Lesley (as she had now became at that point) I was close to proposing a customer/client marriage and swearing all dying love for O2 and all it’s products when it happened…. She called me David…… :-(    

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