Practical Time Management



Dear Fellow Procrastinator,

Would you like to know how to end your daily stress of work stacking up as the sands of time quickly disappear through the hour glass leaving you tired, frustrated and stressed at the thought of the deadlines that have slipped and the fresh work that’s waiting for your return to the office the next day?  

I believe that anyone can learn to manage their time and enjoy a balanced working life whilst winning the in-tray battle and taking back control of time using 3 simple techniques.

How do I know how to teach these things?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are now and I know how it feels to feel helpless while all your work continues to pile up around you as the pressure builds.  

I consider myself fortunate that I’m able to help others build experiences of their own to grow into the people that they desire to be.

And that brings me to the reason for writing this guide… I want to show you how to learn to use these strategies.





This is what you’ll learn:

·        What practices do you want to stop? – Learn how to identify which of your working practices are benefiting you and which ones are holding you back.

·        Basic principles of Time Management – Are you taking action for the right reason? What are the reasons for your role? Learn how you contribute to your job and how you currently plan your day.

·        Priority Systems – Learn the basic rules of prioritising with 3 easy to follow prioritising techniques for you to choose from.

·        Planning – How do you plan? Use this simple guide to plan your time effectively every time.

·        Diary Systems – Are you using all the tools available to you? This section will guide you through managing your diary, emails and phone calls to make the most of your time.

·        Dealing with interruptions – Follow the general rules to avoid unnecessary interruptions and how to manage unexpected visitors.

·        Delegation – One of the most challenging parts of managing myself so learn how I overcome this with some helpful tips and advice to follow.

·        Procrastination – The dreaded ‘P’ word! Learn why we do it unconsciously and how to use it to your advantage.

·        How to say ‘No’ – How can one of the most frequently used words in the English language be difficult to say in a time management context? Not after you’ve read this chapter.

Easy to follow techniques

I’ve stripped the techniques in this book to the very basic so anyone can follow the process and witness some fantastic results! 


 So what are you waiting for?

Your own personal e-book of Management Techniques that will save you time is only





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