No More Nightmares

 No More Nightmares

I have recently put together a brand new book called No More Nightmares and I believe this is the most practical and useful guide available to help parents help their children when they have nightmares.

This is what you’ll learn:

·        What is a nightmare? – know what are the states of mind that we all go through when we sleep. When do we have nightmares and how our brains work when we sleep.

·        Why do we have nightmares? – discover the science behind nightmares. What is it about our conscious and unconscious and the patterns that link to nightmares. What food should you eat before bedtime and what you should avoid.

·        SIX PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES! – Choose from 6 practical techniques that you can use immediately to end those nightmares for good without ANY formal training!

·        Client Examples – We are experienced Master NLP Practitioners who work on a regular basis with private clients. We’ve included in here 2 real life client case studies where we worked with their nightmares.

Easy to follow techniques

I’ve stripped the techniques in this book to the very basic so anyone can follow the process and witness some fantastic results! These techniques have been used by me for the last 15 years and are taught to all my new students.

You don’t need to be qualified or some kind of expert to see instant results when you follow the techniques in this book but these comments mean nothing without the words of others who have used the book and buy our resources…


I love this book! My wife and I have even used the techniques on each other and had some astonishing results. Finally I’ve got a simple book which works and I understand!

Peter Shane, Father of one daughter, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


‘I was delighted to be able to use this book with my 7 year old son. He had been petrified to go to sleep for 5 days and the Doctor’s response was to put him on the waiting list for a psychotherapist appointment.

I found this book on the internet and only had to use one of the techniques once and his terrifying dreams are a thing of the past. I still keep a copy now (my son is 9) because I know this book delivers what it promises and who knows when my son or my grandkids (eventually!) need a guiding hand to help them out of their darkness in sleep!’

Joan Tallantyre, Mother of 1 son, Northumberland, United Kingdom


‘I have been using the book with my 12 year old twins and seen some brilliant results. They sleep in the same room and were waking each other up. I used the 3rd technique in the book as the kids love magic, Harry Potter and anything to do with fire! I made the technique into a magical experience and have enjoyed peaceful nights ever since as they always remember to take a little bit of their magic with them before they fall asleep!

Anne Ancrum, Mother of twins, Nottingham, United Kingdom


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