LinkedIn – The Easy Way






The Easy Way! 

Do you ‘DO’ LinkedIn? 

Have you ‘DONE’ Linkedin? 

Are you looking to create a LinkedIn Profile? 

Have you got a LinkedIn Profile? 

  When was the last time you looked at or updated it?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above then this is the guide for you! 

When I first entered the world of Learning and Development I had no idea what anyone meant when they mentioned Social Media Networking!

 People kept asking me why I wasn’t on Facebook, my reply was always the same…  who wants to read a book of faces? Twitter was something that birds did and when I was asked if I was on LinkedIn I really thought that the world had gone mad… then I woke up

The world today is one big smart phone, the era of a gadget only doing one thing is over, I mean, can you imagine having a mobile phone that only makes telephone calls! 

I realised that in order to grow my business profile I had to ‘get with it’ as my nephews would say and jump into the world of Social Media Networking.

So I joined Facebook, created a profile, shared a few things, met some old friends, new friends and realised it wasn’t as scary as I thought!

My next step was Twitter, I’m very proud to be able to say that I tweet now!

The final piece in my Social Media Networking jigsaw was  LinkedIn. I did what I thought I was supposed to do and created a profile..

That was it! I had finally DONE Linkedin!

Then I met Wendy Taylor… The North East’s Queen of Social Media Networking! My 80 connections were shameful when compared to her global network that has seen her work all over the U.K. and even as far as Australia… this is what started me on my quest!

I spent the next few months updating my profile, learning the nooks and crannys of LinkedIn and Social Media Networking, and….

I documented it all and wrote it down in an easy to follow step by step guide

You need this guide if

  • You’re new to Social Media Networking
  • You’re new to LinkedIn
  • You have a LinkedIn profile that you’ve not updated since you created it (be honest now, have you?)
  • You want to increase your professional profile
  • You want to stand out from the millions of other people who ‘do’ LinkedIn

This guide will

  • Take you on a journey through the whole of the business world’s largest Social Media Network
  • Show you step by step how to create a profile to make YOU stand out from the crowd
  • Guide you through the etiquette and workings of LinkedIn
  • Reveal how to use LinkedIn as your own CRM and Networking tool
  • Demonstrate how to become a Top Influencer on LinkedIn within 1 week

Here’s what previous customers are saying:

"Most people realise that failing to get to grips with social networking is a form of business illiteracy. But where to start? Which networks to join? Which ones to avoid? Is there an app for that?

Amidst the confusion Michael’s book stands out as a simple and practical guide. Written in Michael’s unique chatty style the book takes the complete beginner from setting up an initial profile through to some of LinkedIn’s more advanced features.

You could grab a coffee, set aside a quiet 30 minutes or so and let Michael and his book guide you every step of the way. Alternatively, if, like me, you’re already up and running there’s a wealth of ideas to make LinkedIn work for you and the book is cleverly structured to let you dip in and out too.

It’s witty and fun to read but, more importantly, very, very useful"

Matt Somers – Matt Somers Coaching, United Kingdom

‘I loved the ebook, it’s like having a reliable friend you can go to time and again as you need help. It’s interesting, clear and most importantly I could follow it!’

Anne Railton – Design and Deliver Training, United Kingdom



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