My Hard Drive Is Full

My dad has recently put his hand in his pocket and finally splashed out on a new 42’ Flat screen all singing and dancing telly. To go with this he upgraded his subscription to his satellite provider and ended up with a home hub and t.v. that you can actually pause…. Imagine that!

Anyway, the job of setting up the equipment fell to me, my only qualifications in this area is the fact that I can already pause my telly! After a few hours following the easy instructions everything was working fine, telly was paused, parents had a demo and the flat screen telly looked magnificent.

Then came the phone call…… ‘Michael, my hard drive is full. It’s your mother, she’d discovered ‘series link’ and we’ve got every episode of all the soaps and not enough hours in the day to watch them!’

After rolling on the floor laughing I gave him the best advice that I could…. ‘delete them dad and take her out for dinner’ this got me thinking about our own ‘hard drives’. You see, like the boxes we have an internal memory, ours is so much more powerful than the 30G as our hard drives are infinite!

Like the boxes we have the capability to store things to watch at a later date, we call these memories and we can actually pause, rewind, replay these as often as we like. We can also set our timer to record things in the future which we would like to remember when they’re past however there is a fundamental difference that sets us apart from the boxes…..

Our satellite receivers see billions of bits of information a second and in order for our hard drives to store this we naturally generalise, distort and delete information. We do this unconsciously and in our own unique way. Have you ever been to the cinema with your partner and as you leave you wonder if you’ve both seen the same film?

When we press delete on our hard drives it doesn’t necessarily mean that the programme that we no longer wanted to watch has gone forever, in fact our unconscious or ‘back office staff’ has a great storage system to file everything away until a time that ‘it’ believes we need it. This is why you wake up at 02:00 with a voice in your head answering the crossword question that someone asked you at 09:00 the previous morning!

It’s not that you didn’t know the answer, it’s more a case of your back office staff has been set a challenge and are off on a mission to find an answer. Time is a conscious concept so when your unconscious finds the answer it doesn’t recognise that it’s 02:00 it just gives you the answer.

So this brings me to some of the personal clients I’ve had this month.

I’ve had a few people looking to lose things such as weight or stop smoking etc. Unlike the satellite boxes we can programme our hard drives in many ways so if you think about the best way to use your hard drive then why ‘lose’ something?

When it comes to setting your next goal or challenge consider focusing on what you’d like to gain. Would you like to lose weight or gain confidence as you see yourself becoming fitter, feel yourself getting healthier and hear the amazing comments that people will begin to say about you?

Would you like to ‘stop’ smoking or start feeling better about yourself as you begin to see the difference to your breathing, taste, smell and hear yourself say confidently to people, ‘No thanks, I don’t smoke’.

You can’t fool your hard drive so why not use its infinite power to serve you best. When you focus on your next goal remember to work on what you’ll gain as if you try and lose something your back office WILL find it again for you!

This brings me back to my Dad and his TV hard drive… He tried to lose some programmes only to find that my mam has filled it with ‘Cash in the Attic’….

Funny old world 😉

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