How Far Would You Carry Your Nana?

I was watching the BBC’s The Human Planetthe other night and it was breath taking.

I can’t admit to watching the whole of the series, I only switched on to it via channel surfing last week and watched an amazing spectacle as a tribe of people built their tree house with what seemed like great ease, no fear and total enjoyment. This week it was time to go into the mountains and observe the people who lived close to the sky.

The scenery was amazing and the topic fascinating and there was one point that really struck a chord. In Nepal there lives the highest group of people in the world. Their village looks idyllic with the Himalayas as wallpaper but when you hear that due to altitude, thinner air and increased UV exposure most of the people in the village will have cataract problems and eventually go blind.

This is the point where we met a lovely lady who was in her 90’s, totally blind and walking down what can only be described to someone who loves space and pavements as a treacherous path that only Indiana Jones would attempt just to get her daily fill of water. She only had her trusty stick with her and the ingrained knowledge of where she was going as she’d been blind for the last 3 years.

We then were introduced to the work of  The Himalayan Cataract Project, an organisation who’s vision is ‘serving the greatest number of unserved blind people possible regardless of their ability to pay’. As magical as this is and a wonderful cause I urge you to visit their site but this wasn’t the thing that really caught my attention. The lady who I mentioned earlier wanted to go and visit the eye clinic for treatment, she was carried the 10k from her village to the clinic on someone else’s back.

No, cars, taxis, tubes, roads even, the camera showed a young man from the village ‘piggy backing’ this lady who was strapped to him with what looked like a bed sheet. The sheet went round his forehead and under her as a type of sling. The path that they walked was a typical mountain path, rocky, unstable and narrow! She received her treatment and within 24 hours had begun to see again after 3 years of blindness.

To see her smiling and dancing round was brilliant and humbling. This single act really got me thinking… I couldn’t carry my Nana more than 40 yards.. then my limiting belief alert went crazy! Couldn’t carry my Nana? Hmmm I bet if I had to I could, if she was hurt or in danger I could… then I asked.. ‘Would I carry my Nana?’ and the answer to that was yes, of course, if she needed carrying I would.

Then I asked ‘Should I carry my Nana?’ and I answered.. yes, if she needed it I should. So then I repeated my belief back to myself … I could carry my Nana and would carry her if I needed to. I would choose what should do if the time came!

Realising that I was now coming from a position of choice enabled me to feel strong and happy within my beliefs.

So I ask you now, what limiting beliefs do you have running at an unconscious level? What do you tell yourself you can’t Have a feel around in your mind, listen to yourself and see what pop’s up! Normally you’ll find the limiting belief starts with can’t, won’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t etc.

Then ask yourself, If I could or if I would or even should….. and notice the difference. You may realise that you could do with some extra resources like a cotton sheet to help keep balance or you might even realise that you’ve already got all the tools you need within you to succeed……

By the way, the photo was taken at my Nan’s 90th birthday in May 2010, she’s so fit and full of life you’ve got more chance of seeing her carry me but that’s a different story! :-)

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