Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year one and all!

So…. how’s the resolutions going? 

Day 2…. 2012….. nicotine patch is itching….. ink on the gym membership card is nearly dry….. new trainers still in the box (but will be used when the card is dry!).

This is the time of year when for no obvious reason (to me) people put themselves under immense pressure to make a promise to themselves or loved ones, friends etc that they are going to change something.

Rather than go through the whole rigmarole that you’ve already read elsewhere I ask you to ask yourself a few questions….

Why do YOU want to ‘give up smoking’, ‘loose weight’, ‘stop drinking’ ( *choose whichever one you want to apply!)

In what way does smoking, drinking, eating, support you now?

Who will YOU be when you no longer need to smoke, drink, eat to excess?

Who else?

When you’ve considered the answer to these questions who knows where your mind will take you next……..


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