ACAS Social Media Guide Launched

 Social Media is growing at a phenomenal rate, in fact can anyone remember a time when a  mobile phone just made calls? A few years there were occasions when HR Teams would deal with the occasional infraction regarding drunken photos or strong opinions on Facebook.

This caused many debates in the Management Team that I worked in, should we ban Facebook? How could you manage this? Was it fair? Were we in a dictatorship? These were many of the questions that we asked but were never really mentioned again or addressed.

Fast forward 3 years and there appears to be daily stories of disgruntled staff ‘tweeting’ their opinions about their current employers in very public fashion and the same questions are still being asked in HR Teams around the country. 

One thing is for sure and that Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn etc are an integeral part of our global culture now and are not going away. If your organisation does not have a Social Media Policy in place by now then luckily for you the lovely people at ACAS have launched their own guide for you to work with. 

Here’s a link to the guide for you which will give you practical hints and tips on how to write your guide and what to consider…

On a final note, in the summer of this year I wrote to the HR Team at Newcastle United to offer my services in writing their policy but they haven’t replied yet……

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